Living in a modern and wealthy country like Australia does not leave society immune from danger or risk.  We need to be aware of these risks and find solutions. This is as true for an individual in their daily lives, as a business owner or a corporation providing health and safety for its customers’ and staff security

At Lawler Tactical Training  (LTT) we recognise that everyone is a lifelong learner.  Individuals, organisations and businesses and all have different requirements in terms of skill acquisition and learning. are experts in security and personal safety.  We provide a unique, world class learning environment that accelerates learning and retention of life saving skills. At the core of our company is knowledge in the keys areas of security, training and education and highly qualified instruction.

There are a number of ways to train under Lawler Tactical Training.


There are a number of ways to train under Lawler Tactical Training.  



Your Business or Company will have the need to protect clients, staff and company assets. We will help you develop  Key Skills in the following Areas:

  • Working within a team to promote safety

  • Threat Assessments within the working environment

  • Avoidance Techniques 

  • Body Language

  • Verbal Techniques

  • Verbal Dissuasion (Talking an aggressor down)

  • Escape Techniques

  • Reporting and communicating threats

  • Using Common Objects and Working Environment

  • Soft Defence Techniques

  • Self Defence Skills

  • Surviving an attack

  • Seeking Assistance

  • Administering Emergency First Aid 

  • Coordinating with Security and Emergency Services